Cloud Powered

Cloud computing can offer significant savings for many small businesses by eliminating the expenses required to purchase and maintain on-site, server-based hardware and software. We'd love to learn about your business, to see where we can make the power of the cloud work for you!

Managed Services & Support

Our managed network support services can help your small business effectively manage technical operating costs while ensuring all critical support needs are met. Not only do we provide the know-how, but we also provide the software to make it happen, and the hands to get it all done!

Web Apps Agile Style

We bring the best Open Source software solutions to the table, SCRUM-ready. We like to keep our software development projects agile. This allows solutions to be built quickly and efficiently, with minimum overhead and maximum return. We deliver solutions that work - on time and on budget. Pure and simple.

CTO for Rent

An experienced CTO is a huge asset to any business, but they're expesive, so not many small businesses can afford one. Don't go broke hiring one for your business - hire us by the hour, instead! We'll take the time to understand your situation and your business. We'll treat it like our own, and we'll help you grow. Most importantly, we'll cover our own benefits! ;)
Boutique Technology and Management Consulting Services for the real world! Anna Green Technology LLC delivers First Class, business-to-business technology and management consulting services with a special focus on the "Nano Cap" and "Mom & Pop" markets.

Technology & Business Consulting

technical management consulting

Ranging from corporate strategic planning and capital asset management, to network architecture, infrastructure provisioning and techical project management - we can help your small business effectively plan for, and manage the future.

Managed Network Support Services

managed services

Our managed services deliver critical functions NO network should be without, such as anti-virus/malware and cloud based disaster recovery, as well as remote server/workstation management - all from our network of industry leading partners.

Physical Infrastructure Services

structured cabling services

Structured cabling carrying voice and data traffic is still the lifeblood of every network - Cable, DSL, Fibre, T1 - at some point, they all enter your physical, local network. Our professional-grade infrastructure services keeps your data moving, non-stop!

Cloud-based Hosting, Application Deployment & Disaster Recovery

cloud hosting

Cloud computing can offer significant advantages over traditional networking models. We can show you how. Email, collaboration, data-storage and disaster recovery - all in the cloud here. Oh, yeah. Every web site we build is hosted there.

Open Source Web Application Development & Testing

open source web development

Open source software affords businesses of all sizes the opportunity to build great applications! Whether custom-building from scratch, or customizing one of the popular open source content frameworks, we can help identify and deliver the right solution.

Industry Specific Hardware & Software Installation & Support

specialized technical support

Restaurants, print shops, law firms, insurance companies, design agencies, video production companies... the list goes on. Every industry is unique. So are the problems they face and the tools they use. What are you facing? We can help!